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Internet Explorer 8 – HTTP timeout with SAP Desktop Intelligence DA0003 error

We had an issue with a customer whereby his installation of SAP’s Desktop Intelligence product was timing out when running large queries after an upgrade to IE8 showing an error – SQL Execution (DA0003) CS, Job already in use. It’s … Continue reading

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Outlook 2010 Error – “Your outlook data file cannot be configured” referencing my OST file

Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 hung so I killed it off with the close all open windows option in Windows Explorer. After that I got the above error message stating that it couldn’t configure my email with a reference to … Continue reading

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IIS 6 COM interop performance

My current client has a pair of load balanced windows 2003 servers running IIS hosting 30+ sites each configured with its own app pool. They only serve pages to approximately 85,000 internal users but we got reports of occasional slow … Continue reading

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Squid Proxy on Windows – DNS test failure

I’ve just installed Squid 2.7 /Stable 8 release for Windows (from on a Windows 2008 R1 server used the instructions supplied by acmeconsulting. This was on a non-Internet connected server in the labs at work and was part of … Continue reading

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Unable to open PDF directly in Internet Explorer 8

The issue reported by the client was that for a particular website on the Internet they were unable to open PDF’s directly in IE8, they were only offered the option to save them to the local machine. Under IE6 all … Continue reading

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Unblock content downloaded from the Internet – the background

I’ve always gone through the pain of forgetting to to unblock .chm files I’ve downloaded or imported i.e. I forget to unblock them and so seen a blank screen instead of the expected content. I came across this content from … Continue reading

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“Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites” – formatting issues

You have to be very specific with the formatting of the entries for this Group Policy setting. We had about 20 specific website URL’s in our list, turns out they were all ignored. The format of our entries was: appname.topleveldomain.rootleveldomain … Continue reading

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