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Windows 10 Store – unable to install or update apps

My company supplied device runs Windows 10 Pro at update 1803 with the latest culmulative updated applied. I tried to download a couple of themes from the Store but notices in the Store UI under ‘Downloads and Updates’ that they … Continue reading

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Multi-Cloud Strategies – hmmm

I see a lot of talk about this and to be honest I’m not on-board with a lot of the opinion. My view is that it’s fine to deploy an Enterprise’s applications to multiple public cloud providers, but wholly contain … Continue reading

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Changing Search Engine in Microsoft Edge – my duuuh moment

One of the ‘duh’ moments that now seems blindingly obvious. The received wisdom to change the default search engine in Edge is to navigate to Settings | Advanced Settings and pick one. However, the one I wanted – Google, wasn’t … Continue reading

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Windows 10 and Cisco AnyConnect reconnect behaviour

My company provides me with a Windows 10 based Laptop and the Cisco AnyConnect client in order to connect to Corporate facilities such as Email, Intranet and Business Apps. I’d recently uplifted my version of Win10 to 1709 (Corp allows … Continue reading

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Google Hangout – Performance through Proxies

For my current client we’ve had a request in to enable video Hangouts. The first attempt was to run the traffic through the on-premise McAfee Web Gateways that are used to inspect all traffic in and out of the Internet. … Continue reading

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Easy way to take command line output and paste it into another application

Well I never knew that: Using pipes take me back to my decade of Unix. Laters, Matt

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I realised back in May last year that the Cisco CCNA certification was to be revised on September 2013. So I spent July and August hitting a couple of books I had bought previously and going over an accelerated CCNA … Continue reading

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