This is a list of the IT books I’ve read over time excluding certification books (typically the top one most recently):

  • The Application Book; Timothy Mangan ISBN 9781365820922
  • The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win; Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford ISBN 978-0988262577
  • From IT Pro to Cloud Pro, Ben Curry, Brian Laws ISBN 978-1-5093-0414-1
  • Write Great Code Volume2: Thinking low-level writing high-level; Randall Hyde ISBN: 1-59327-065-8
  • SQL Server Hardware; Glen Berry ISBN 978-1-906434-63-2
  • Windows Sysinternals Administrators Reference; Mark Russinovich and Aaron Margosis ISBN 978-0-7356-5672-7
  • Linux Kernel Development (Third Edition); RobertLove ISBN: 0-672-32946-8
  • Continuous Delivery; Jez Humble, David Farley ISBN 0-321-60191-2
  • Ultra-Fast ASP.NET; Richard Kiessig ISBN 978-1-4302-2383-2
  • Release It! Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software; Michael Nygard ISBN 0-9787392-1-3
  • Practical Packet Analysis (Using Wireshark); Chris Sanders ISBN 978-1-59327-149-7
  • C# In Depth; Jon Skeet ISBN 1933988363
  • Linkers & Loaders; John Levine ISBN 1-55860-496-0
  • Object Thinking; David West ISBN0-7356-1965-4
  • Group Policy: Management, Troubleshooting and Security (Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000); Jeremy Moskowitz ISBN 978-0-470-10642-6
  • Solid Code – Opimizing the Software Development Lifecycle; Donis Marshall and John Bruno ISBN 978-0-7356-2592-1
  • Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista; Michael Howard and David LeBlanc ISBN 0-7356-2393-7
  • Concurrent Programming on  Windows; Joe Duffy ISBN 0-321-43482-X
  • Inside COM; Dale Rogerson
  • DNS and BIND (Second Edition); Paul Albitz & Cricket Liu ISBN 1-56592-236-0
  • Inside Windows SharePoint Services 3.0; Ted Pattison, Daniel Larson ISBN 0-7356-2320-1
  • Debugging .NET 2.0 Applications (2005 Edition); John Robbins ISBN 0-7356-2202-7
  • Programming Visual C# 2005: The Language; Donis Marshall ISBN 0-7356-2181-0
  • Professional .NET 2.0 Generics; Tod Golding ISBN 0-7645-5988-5
  • Professional .NET Framework 2.0; Joe Duffy ISBN 0-7645-7135-4
  • Essential ASP.NET 2.0; Fritz Onion with Keith Brown ISBN 0-321-23770-6
  • Programming Windows Security; Keith Brown ISBN 0-201-60442-6
  • The .NET Developers Guide to Windows Security; Keith Brown ISBN 0-321-22835-9
  • Microsoft Window Internals (Fourth Edition – Windows 2000, 2003, XP); Mark Russinovich, David Solomon ISBN0-7356-1917-4
  • Developing More-Secure ASP.NET 2.0 Applications; Dominic Baier ISBN 0-7356-2331-7
  • Head First Object-Oriented Anlaysis & Design; Brett McLaughlin, Gary Pollice & David West ISBN0-596-00867-8
  • Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0; Brian Noyes ISBN0-321-26892-x
  • COM and .NET Component Services; Juval Lowey ISBN 0-596-00103-7
  • Designing Secure Web-Based Applications for Windows 2000; Michael Howard ISBN 0-7356-0995-0
  • Windows Forms Programming in C#; Chris Sells ISBN 0-321-11620-8
  • C# Programmers Cookbook; Allen Jones ISBN 0-7356-1930-1
  • Inside C#; Tom Archer ISBN 0-7356-1288-9
  • Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment, W. Richard Stevens ISBN 978-0-321-63773-4
  • The Design of the Unix Operating System; Maurice Bach ISBN 0-13-201757-1
  • Unix Shell Programming (Revised Edition); Stephen Kochan and Patrick Wood ISBN 0-672-48448-x
  • Using C on the Unix System (Unix Systems Programming); David Curry ISBN 0-937175-23-4
  • The C Programming Language (Second Edition); Brian Kernighan, Dennie Ritchie ISBN 0-13-110362-8

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