I live on the South Coast of the United Kingdom with my Wife and two young Daughters. I work in the IT industry as a Managing Technical Architect for a company named Capgemini, mainly focussed on work in the Microsoft technology stack. Currently I lead the Architect and Engineering teams delivering Workplace/Desktop Services to an environment of approximaely 85,000 workstations and 65,000 people.

My hobbies include snowboarding, running and because of travel to client sites listening to audio books. One day I will get back to progressing my Kitesurfing skills which are sadly at the novice end of the curve. I used  to own a motorbike (Suzuki GSX-R750!) but decided that having a small family didn’t really allow time to indulge.

With regards to work experience, I have 10’ish years of various flavours of Unix (SunOS, Solaris, SVR4 derivatives) doing application and system level programming with a few turn-key Kernel builds for good measure. Way back when I was also an Oracle v6 DBA and had some experience configuring an old VT based system called OfficePower. After dabbling in GIS I stepped over to the Microsoft side of things for another 10 years covering infrastructure, development and operations as I realised it was a bit of a blindspot for me. This has led to my current role in end user computing which surprisingly covers a very large number of diverse technologies. Its fun, especially as the client is adopting more Cloud services such as Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365. As a consequence I now hold some aging certifications:


Cisco CCNA

MCP Azure Infrastructure

This is my linkedin profile.

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