Weird NIC behaviour on Windows 10

I have an old Lenovo T 410 which I upgraded to Win 10. It’s been working fine even after an image backup and restore onto an SSD. Last week I noticed while playing with the Azure Resource Portal that I was working over WiFi only, my LAN switch port wasn’t even showing link detection.

I did the usual diagnostic steps – check all the physical elements such as cabling and ports, did a BIOS reset back to defaults, updated the driver, installed the Lenovo specific driver updates all without result. One thing I did notice was while in BIOS configuration the switch port link detection burst into life. When I booted back into the OS it went off again.

Uninstalling the NIC in Device Manager gave me link detection but the device itself naturally didn’t work. Weird.

After playing about with the device installation status for a bit I started going through the property sheet for the NIC to see if it was a setting such as TCP offload. Before I even changed a setting the link detection started working again. Turning off the WiFi radio showed I still had an internet connection which was good. This has survived a few reboots so I’m cautiously optimistic. However I’m baffled on why it fixed the problem, somehow the driver got tickled into life by the act of opening the property sheet.

Looking in the event log for the NIC I can see a single event about the driver not being migrated which must be a factor but I need to do some more reading to understand what that means.



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