Boots laces too tight

When snowboarding I’m one of those paranoid types who likes to know their kit is always secure and tight. That’s just my mential abberation, this attitude was enforced on a Canada backcountry trip when a screw came off my bindings which could have left me stuffed on top of a mountain with only 1 foot able to be bound (since then I always carry ties and tape).

However, on the annual trip – some days boarding with the guys seemed better than others. I always put this down to my usual skills dip on the middle of the week i.e. the first 2 days start of excellently, I dip for the next 2 and get frustrated at myself then the last 2 it all starts to come good again.

After some self-examination, it turns out that after the first couple of days I used to pull the boot laces really tight, the just make sure the mental itch to be tight and secure is scratched. Then my performance would dip. When my boots are too tight I don’t get the soft ankle movemovement (no heel lift) that my boarding style requires. It’s all too stiff and I feel uncomfortable.

This year I slackened off the laces and I didn’t have the mid week dip!

My thinking is that the first couple of days my mental attitude doesn’t focus on my kit just my joy at being there. This gives me a really sweet riding experience. At that point I don’t know to pull my boot laces really tight. My goal next year is to make sure I don’t pull them too tight again.


About Matt Sinfield

Work in the IT industry but have a couple of hobbies, Snowboard, Kitesurf and of course XBox
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