Internet Explorer 8 – HTTP timeout with SAP Desktop Intelligence DA0003 error

We had an issue with a customer whereby his installation of SAP’s Desktop Intelligence product was timing out when running large queries after an upgrade to IE8 showing an error – SQL Execution (DA0003) CS, Job already in use. It’s a thick-client product but under the hood uses HTTP to communicate with the server estate.

We found a Registry fix:



Value 3600000

The Registry fix increases the timeout that the WinInet library (which is responsible for HTTP comms) has to receive any content from a website. Under IE6 the timeout is 60 minutes, under IE7 and IE8 a new version of the library is introduced which times out at 30 seconds. According to the Microsoft KB article Internet Explorer itself should be unaffected, it’s only applications that use the WinInet library.

 On IE6-XP SP3 the version of WinInet is 6.0.2900.6148 and after IE8 upgrade its 8.0.6001.18702



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