Squid Proxy on Windows – DNS test failure

I’ve just installed Squid 2.7 /Stable 8 release for Windows (from http://www.acmeconsulting.it/SquidNT.html) on a Windows 2008 R1 server used the instructions supplied by acmeconsulting. This was on a non-Internet connected server in the labs at work and was part of an internal domain which also hosted it’s own DNS. After running the command lines to install the Squid binary as a Windows Service and create the Cache folders I went into the Windows Services Applet and tried to start it.

No joy, I got a Failed to start service error code 1037 from the Windows Service Control Manager. In the Squid logfile I got the message “FATAL: ipcache_init: DNS name lookup tests failed”. The Squid FAQ notes that on startup the service automatically tries to resolve some DNS addresses. This of course fails as the internal DNS has no knowledge of the external websites, the recommended -D command-line option to disables this wasn’t being persisted by the Service Properties dialog so I had to change the Squid.conf file to alter the sites that were checked to ones that were known by my internal DNS server:

dns_testnames www.org1.org2.uk (names change to protect the innocent)



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