I have a Linkstation 2 NAS. It’s quite ancient and short on hard disk capacity. I’ve upgraded the disk to a 500GB one use in a sky box purchased from eBay which works fine. I’ve also flashed the firmware so I now have Debian 3.1 (codename Sarge) on the box.

The flashed Linux only supports SSH access so I’m just putting on the telnetd so I can run the Twonky client that will install the Twonky Media Server on the Linkstation.

I got fed up using the SSH ftp software – the client took ages to upload anything, so I used the ‘aptitude’ package management CLI UI client to download Samba from the Debian archive – /etc/apt/sources.list has:

deb sarge main contrib

This allowed me to download the Samba package which I configured for share level security with guest read/write access (it’s a server only available on my internal LAN). Typical that after I’ve done this work I discover that the smbd daemon already exists on the box. I’d checked /bin and /sbin but forgotten all about /usr/sbin. That goes to show how long since I’ve gone to any depth on a Unix server – so much for my old days of kernel hacking!



About Matt Sinfield

Work in the IT industry but have a couple of hobbies, Snowboard, Kitesurf and of course XBox
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