Homeplug Powerline Networking

I just got a pair of Billion powerline adapters, one of them is WiFi enabled. It was very easy to set up wired access – I just plugged it in and ran a UTP cable from it to the ADSL modem/router/switch/wifi device (Netgear).


It took only a little bit longer to get Wifi homeplug device up and running how I wanted it. I had to change the default IP address of the device to put it on the same subnet as the rest of the house (and one below the IP of the netgear device).  Then I configured the billion and netgear Wifi Access Points to listen on non-colliding channels while avoiding all the neighbours channel (6 and 11). Then had to configure both devices to allow Layer2 AP roaming so that any client would seamlessly re-connect when the signal strength was greater on the other device than the one connected to when walking about the house.

Now I have full wireless coverage over the house and the interference from the baby monitor (shockingly bad!) is minimised. Time for some Xbox!


Update – I liked them so much I bought another pair. I don’t want to run surface wires around the house so powerline is the least intrusive mechanism.

About Matt Sinfield

Work in the IT industry but have a couple of hobbies, Snowboard, Kitesurf and of course XBox
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