Snowboard 2010 – closer


It looks like we’re almost down to the final contingent of people, 6 hardy souls to brave the alpine winter:

Me, Mark, James, Paul, Paul, Karl with maybe Darren coming up on the outside.


As for likely locations. It’s more or less settled on Morzine now. The Chalet Hotel looks kind of ok and has the room for us all with catering thrown in for the price range we want – £449. The only problem being at it’s half way up a run meaning we can only rip the town up a couple of nights in the week when the gondola runs until 2am. At least it’ll give us the chance to recover.

The alternative should it all go hideously wrong is Val D’Isere which should have more nightlife and a very good set of slopes too but we’ve kind of got our hearts set on cruising round the Portes De Soleil.

Ciao ciao


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