Busy few days

It’s been a busy few days. I skipped the first couple of days of lessons last week to let me ankle
rest up and that appears to have done the trick. At least I can now turn the board without pain
shooting through it. Or maybe my technique has improved?

Thursday was a bus trip to the resort of Castle Mountain, a couple of hours away but no-one seems
to care about distances round here. Driving along the highway and there’s a call of "Car" from
the back of the bus. The first one we’d seen in 20 minutes. It’s a bit of a steep place and with only
5 lifts to it’s name there’s not a lot of runs but we found quite a bit of off-piste to do. This included
the obligatory popping some jumps that all snowboarders have to try. One of our instructors came
with us (the other we believe was too busy with his latest woman), as usual it looked easy until
you tried to follow him – "you should have done a grab on that jump Matt", trust me I was trying –
my hand was waving somewhere near the tail of the board, it was around there somewhere.

Sat and Sun was a mini-roadtrip with one of my housemates. We grabbed a car from Rent-a-Wreck and
headed off to Kimberley. It’s a smaller resort than Fernie but very nice to board plenty and tree
runs which we made much use off after being told by ski patrol to stop playing around with the
jump we’d found on piste.

Then a quick stop in Radium for a soak in the hot springs and an interesting night in the local pub
where 1 English  and 1 German don’t really fit mix that well when everyone else is a local – and
very local at that. Some strange woman kept asking me if I was the brother of the karaoke host. I
think it was an attempt at a chat up….

Finally we wound up in Panorama, home of the heli-ski but we just stuck to the piste/groomers.
The conditions weren’t great so we went into the rail park. Now that was a mistake, 3 or 4 falls
each later and we abandoned that idea for the terrain park and some more jumps. That was a lot
of fun, probably the best I’ve seen. If only my skills matched.

From tomorrow we’re off on the hut trip – 4 days in the back country that we get heli-dropped into.
I get the distinct impression that washing isn’t high on the list of priorities though they do have a
hot tub outdoors that they light up a couple of nights a week…. the debate is on whether we’ll have
electricity let alone anything outlandish such as a mobile phone signal.


About Matt Sinfield

Work in the IT industry but have a couple of hobbies, Snowboard, Kitesurf and of course XBox
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