So what have we been doing so far?
It’s mainly been work on the ground to improve board balance – 5 planes of balance:
fore/aft of the board
The last one being just how your leg suspension works. We’ve been video’d a couple of times and it’s never a pretty sight, from my self image of ripping down a hill
boarding like a god, I find that I actually stand way too tall, look gangly and don’t hold the edge into the hill correctly – the infamous "shit ‘n shag" positions.
As for jumping I land too far back on the board but at least I land which I find a bonus.
We’ve been doing some pivoting work just to point the board in the right direction and 180’ing both flat and jumping just to put us into switch and out again. To the extent that we’re getting close to riding down the hill heel goofy, heel switch with no toe edge in-between!
Today we’re going to be using ‘split-boards’ so that we can hike up the hill. The snow is coming down and I don’t think it’s going to be a graceful sight all round…

About Matt Sinfield

Work in the IT industry but have a couple of hobbies, Snowboard, Kitesurf and of course XBox
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